Welcome to the blog. An ongoing account exploring the practicalities of painting including locations, inspiration and ideas.

Cornish Landscape

Paintings can be a long time in the making. ...more

Portrait Sketch

Using a primary colour ground. ...more

Effective backgrounds in figure studies

Using an uncomplicated back ground to enhance a subject. ...more

Brushwork in oil

Exploiting the full potential of oil paint ...more

Drawing in Pastel

A Change of mediums. ...more

ING Discerning Eye Founder's Purchase Prize

Very rarely is it possible to find the perfect composition. ...more

Autumn Landscape

Using opaque and transparent applications of paint to best effect. ...more

Sketch book life Studies

Using smell atudies to refine and develop line and colour. ...more

Using abstraction

Exploitng the rapid drying time of acrylic paint. ...more

Summer Colour

When summer comes, it can be a challenge to find variety in colour. ...more

The sun almost shines

Exploring a familear location in watercolour ...more

Portrait in Watercolour

Hand made paper makes each painting unique ...more

A Change of Season

Working from the pochade to develop larger scale work. ...more

Preliminary Sketches and Studies

The value of preliminary sketches and studies. ...more

Life painting and watercolour

A large sheet of paper is a great opportunity to explore. ...more

Lucian Freud Portraits

The National Portrait Gallery offers plenty of food for thought. ...more


A spring like day on the Exe estuary. ...more

An Unexpected Sitting

Painting a casual sitter. ...more

Some thoughts on drawing.

An important part of working practice is regular drawing. ...more