A large sheet of paper is a great opportunity to explore.

Life painting and watercolour

After a bit of a lull in postings, the current addition comes after replacing my camera - the previous one developing some problems - and so I'm able to provide a photograph once more as an illustration.

Any thoughts of a long hot summer have faded (as we approach mid July) and as usual at this point in the year, a final life painting session provided a nice opportunity to apply watercolour to an A1 sheet. I liked this particular pose and worked quickly to capture something of the model's gesture. I applied quite a bit of pure colour in the face, which seemed a bit heavy at the time and looking at it now. Some of the pleasure of working in watercolour is it's do or die nature. The great U.S artist Claude Croney commented that he was interested in a subject knowing that it would never be the same again - that particular painting was a "happy accident". That fresh and none precious attitude is something I find appealing and something I look forward to putting into practice again in September.
Seated nude