An important part of working practice is regular drawing.

Some thoughts on drawing.

Before I began drawing, I thought the ability to draw well was natural, a gift from the gods. One could either do it or not. There are those who have or had profound natural ability. Picasso, Degas, Augustus John spring immediately to mind not to mention the old masters. There are hundreds, nee thousands more too. The rest of us were envious onlookers. Destined to observe and marvel. It was not untill, through accident and desire, I picked up a pencil and tentatively began on my own journey into art and the mysteries of drawing that; although reaching the heights of those previously mentioned would be a distant and elusive destination, I could have a go and see what happens!

As a represetnational artist, some drawing ability is obviously useful and there is no better way to improve ones ability than to study the human form. Life drawing has been a regular endeavour in my own work. A chance to study a subject which shows ones weaknesses and points the way to progression.

The image shown is taken from a sketch book randomly picked from a pile of these "thoughts made visible".
Reclining nude (sketchbook drawing)