Very rarely is it possible to find the perfect composition.

ING Discerning Eye Founder's Purchase Prize

This particular painting, as with most landscape subjuect, was not a "ready made" composition. Although the lighting was perfect, compositionally a little modification was required to make the piece resolve satisfactorily. This was not an instantaneous decision and was the result of several weeks or even months of consideration involving a number of thumbnail studies which pointed the way to achieving the final image.

It can be a dilemma, when painting such a subject, between retaining the authenticity of a place and being simultaneously creatuve. Finding a balance between these two elements is one of the most interesting aspects of painting - the balance between the photographic and the self indulgent.

On this occasion I think the balance was right gaining the ING Discerning Eye Founder's Purchase Prize 2013.
Forshore, Shaldon