A Change of mediums.

Drawing in Pastel

I find winter a good time to revisit a technique or medium. The less amiable weather forces a change of pace and provides time to be a little experimental. Pastel has never been a favoured medium for me but occasionally, when I find the need to try something other than oil or watercolour, particularly if I'm short of ideas, I will enjoy exploring one of the dry mediums.

What I do like about pastel is the rich darks it's possible to achieve. These particular pastels provide an uncompromising mark making it easy to devlop a wide value range. What is equally enjoyable is the speed at which it's possible to work, covering large areas in a short time. The finished results also can have a graphic quality I also enjoy.

Studies like this are just an opportunity to recap. Repeating again something which I have done many times before and with the added element of not quite knowing what will emerge from using a (for me) relativly little medium.
Head Study